Why I work at Devana

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My life is basically a perfect balance of constant missing something.
When I’m at work – I miss my wife and kid. I miss them a lot. When I’m at home, and during weekends – I miss my buddies at the office. I miss them a lot.
Turns out I’m living my life missing something. Which is probably ok. I think that the best way of finding out if something is acually worthwile your time on this plane is simple lackmus test – do you miss it when you’re not nearby it?

What is the most important trait for a CEO and a dad?

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I’m a father for 16 months now. And a CEO for 8 years, across two different companies. I was (and probably still am) making a myriad of mistakes as a CEO – especially in regards to building my team, culture and processes. Being the one that is looked up to is tough; I want to be a person of very high integrity and positive influence – yet again I somehow managed to make whole gamut of mistakes on every step of the way. In time, and with some help from my friends&peers, I’ve managed to reach certain epiphany on where I went wrong, and to the best of my abilities I’m trying not to make the same mistakes over again.