Who sleeps on the right side tonight?

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This is part #2 of my “CEO and a dad” rambling. My wife and I sleep in the same room with our little one – having his baby bed right next to ours placed at 90 degrees along the left side of our bed. This constellation was my wife’s idea, so she can handle things more conveniently at night – without having to actually get up from bed. Our little screamer has a nasty voice pitch, so you can imagine how it looks when he does his C6 a the top of his lungs at 2am – you don’t want to let him “practice” for too long :)

What is the most important trait for a CEO and a dad?

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I’m a father for 16 months now. And a CEO for 8 years, across two different companies. I was (and probably still am) making a myriad of mistakes as a CEO – especially in regards to building my team, culture and processes. Being the one that is looked up to is tough; I want to be a person of very high integrity and positive influence – yet again I somehow managed to make whole gamut of mistakes on every step of the way. In time, and with some help from my friends&peers, I’ve managed to reach certain epiphany on where I went wrong, and to the best of my abilities I’m trying not to make the same mistakes over again.